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Partnering with Businesses, Offering Accounting and Business Management Services throughout the Western Pennsylvania Area

With over 20 years experience with accounting, business management, our service is as unique as you are and your business needs are.

You are more than a bottom number line to us!

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Passion About the Numbers!

Not many people get excited over accounting. I do! I have been using Quickbooks for over 20 years and I just love it! I love job costing, payroll, paying those taxes, finding the 3 cents, handling all aspects of accounting. I think of better ways to help people all the time. I honestly love working with numbers!

I am very good at what I do! I have passion for accounting. I also want you to succeed! I want you to be profitable, know where you stand and I want to help you!
There are all types of bookkeeping firms out there. Why not chose one that has passion for the numbers and believes it is a partnership, not just a job?

Ask Yourself:

Are you getting your moneys worth with having a in house person? Are they a jack of all trades with little knowledge of books. Paying bills, easy. Sending out invoices, simple. But when it comes to refunds, late payment charges, bounce checks, payroll, payroll taxes, Pittsburgh Payroll Expense Tax, filing taxes and forms they really have it truly under control? Are you paying too much for inadequate accounting skills? Most companies do.


Accounts Receivable/Payables/ Bank Reconcilations

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Bank and Credit Card Account Reconciliations

Keeping track of the Bank and Credit Card Accounts for accurate Balance Sheet

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Payroll, Payroll Tax Deposits, Payroll Quarterly Reporting, End of year filings, W2

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Business Consulting/Training

Training and Consulting is done freely throughout the course of the partnership of handling your accounting needs!

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